Attorney, James Wotal, handles a wide range of real estate related legal matters, including residential and commercial transactions for Buyers and Sellers, Tract Searches Of Ownership and Mortgage and Lien Searches, and the preparation of Deeds for the transfer or sale of real estate.

With over twenty-five years of experience, Mr. Wotal has the know-how to make sure your real estate transaction is handled quickly, professionally, and cost effectively. He provides complete legal services from the beginning to the end of the real estate transaction cycle.

Legal services for residential real estate transactions are provided on a flat fee basis, regardless of the time necessary for contract negotiations, telephone calls, drafting of correspondence and closing documents, etc. This provides clients with the most cost effective legal representation possible for real estate closings.

Mr. Wotal recommends that you meet with him before you sign a Listing Agreement with a Real Estate Agent for the sale of your property, or before making any offers for the purchase or sale of any real estate.  It's best to include important contract provisions in the Listing Agreement (if you are selling real estate) or in the original real estate offer (if you are buying real estate), rather than trying to bargain and negotiate with the other side in order to get those important contract provisions included at some later date. Many a deal has fallen apart because one party "forgot" to tell the other party that a key provision belonged in the contract. Let Attorney James Wotal  carefully draft your real estate contract offer and negotiate key contract provisions on your behalf in order to protect your best interests and avoid costly mistakes.

During the Attorney Review period, Mr. Wotal will examine the real estate Contract and suggest changes that will benefit you and help to reduce your costs and expenses. His many years of legal experience will help to ease your concerns and worries about the real estate closing process and make it a wonderful experience rather than a painful procedure.

When you buy or sell your next piece of real estate make sure your first step is to call Attorney James Wotal for sound legal advice.