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Welcome To The Law Office Of James Alex Wotal

The Law Office of James Alex Wotal has provided legal services to clients through out northeastern Illinois, including the greater Chicago land area, for over thirty years in the areas of estate planning, business law, real estate law, tax law, and personal injury matters.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Estate Planning Services: Wills & Trusts

Attorney James Wotal handles estate planning matters for all Illinois residents.  With over thirty years of experience he can draft your Will, Trust, Power of Attorney or other estate planning documents to carry out all of your wishes and desires.  Mr. Wotal has helped singles, young families, middle aged folks and senior citizens draft Wills and Trusts that achieved their estate planning goals in a cost effective manner.

During your free initial estate planning consultation, Mr. Wotal will answer any and all of your estate planning questions.  As part of the initial estate planning consultation you will be advised about current Illinois probate and property transfer laws and related Federal and State property transfer tax rules.  Mr. Wotal will review your current estate planning documents to determine if they still achieve your current goals and objectives; and advise you as to whether they need to be changed or replaced.


Mr. Wotal will carefully listen to your estate planning goals and provide you with alternative strategies for accomplishing your estate planning goals.  Then he will recommend the estate planning strategy which best serves your needs, and draft and implement an estate plan that accomplishes your specific goals and objectives in a cost effective manner.


In order to keep your costs as low as possible, you will be provided with a free estimate of the cost of preparing your Will, Trust or other documents.


It is so important to plan out the disposition of your assets and to discuss your estate planning goals with a competent and professional advisor like Attorney James Wotal.

Business & Corporate Law Services

Attorney James Wotal, handles a broad range of Business and Corporate law related matters, including business formation, contract drafting, business sales and purchases and all of the day-to-day legal needs of your business.  Mr. Wotal concentrates his Business Law practice on helping “small” and “medium” sized businesses, with an emphasis on “start-up” businesses.


All that the Client needs is an idea for his “start-up” business.  Mr. Wotal can do all the rest to get your “start-up” business legally organized, properly licensed and registered with the appropriate government entities, assist with all of your accounting needs and the preparation of any and all income tax returns for your business entity.

With over thirty years of experience, Mr. Wotal can form your business entity, whether it is an LLC, “C” corporation, “S” corporation, or partnership, for a flat fee.  Mr. Wotal will help you decide which type of business entity will best serve your business needs.  Once you select the type of business entity, Mr. Wotal can prepare the organizing documents quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.


Mr. Wotal can assist you with drafting any and all types of documents and contracts, including employment contracts, non-compete agreements, sales and service agreements, and sale of business contracts.  In addition, Mr. Wotal can satisfy your business entity’s continuing and ongoing legal needs, including the preparation and filing of corporate annual reports and minutes, income tax return preparation, resolve income tax related issues; and representation in IRS and employment tax audits.


Attorney James Wotal has the experience to represent your business entity and satisfy all of it’s legal needs.  Please call Mr. Wotal today for a free consultation to discuss how he can help your business entity.

Tax Law Services

Many years of experience as both a Tax Attorney and as an Accountant (passing the CPA exam in 1980), allow Attorney James Wotal to provide every client with high quality tax preparation services, tax advice and other tax and accounting related services.  Mr. Wotal handles small, medium, and large businesses, as well as individual, fiduciary (ie trust), corporate, LLC and partnership tax matters.


-- Preparation of Individual, Corporate, Partnership, and Trust income tax returns


-- State and Federal, Gift and Estate tax return preparation


-- Un-filed Income tax Returns for prior years prepared and filed


-- Resolve tax issues with the IRS and Illinois Department of Revenue


-- Audit Defense: Representation regarding IRS and Illinois Department of Revenue audits concerning income, estate, or payroll tax matters


-- Research tax issues and render legal opinions which provide multiple alternative tax strategies to accomplish your goals

Real Estate Law Services

Attorney James Wotal handles a wide range of real estate related legal matters, including residential and commercial transactions for Buyers or Sellers, and title searches.  With over thirty years of experience, Mr. Wotal has the know-how to make sure your real estate transaction is handled quickly, professionally and cost effectively.  He provides complete legal services from the beginning to the end of the transaction cycle.


From the start, Mr. Wotal will carefully draft the real estate contract for you and negotiate key contract provisions in order to protect your interests, thereby keeping your costs and expenses as low as possible, and getting the deal closed as quickly as possible.


Mr. Wotal recommends that you meet with him prior to making any offers for the purchase or sale of real estate.  Mr. Wotal believes that it is best to include important contract provisions in the original Real Estate Contract Offer rather than trying to bargain and negotiate with the other side in order to get those important contract provisions included in the contract once it has been signed.  Many a deal has fallen through because one party “forgot” to tell the other party that a key provision belongs in the contract.


During the Attorney Review period, Mr. Wotal will examine the Contract and suggest changes that will benefit you and help to reduce your costs and expenses.  Mr. Wotal should be a key part of your real estate transaction team.  He understands that your real estate transaction is THE most important deal of your life.


Attorney James Wotal has the experience to represent you during your real estate transaction process.  When you buy or sell your next piece of real estate, make sure you have Attorney James Wotal representing your interests.

Personal Injury

                   PERSON INJURY MATTERS


          Please call for your free initial consultation

If you’ve been in an accident, you need someone to protect your legal rights.  Don't rely on an insurance adjuster to tell you your rights or how much you are entitled to recover as compensation for your injuries.  Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company, not you.  If you are injured in a car or other accident, consider not settling for payment of your medical bills alone.  You have the right to receive fair compensation for all injury related costs and expenses, including loss of earnings and damages for pain and suffering.  Call Attorney James Wotal if you have been in an accident.  Mr. Wotal has years of experience helping accident victims and he's now accepting new clients in the following matters.

–- Personal Injury
–- Worker’s Compensation
–- Death Cases
–- Construction Accidents
–- Brain Trauma
–- Fracture Cases
–- Semi-Truck Cases
–- Other serious injuries
–- Bicycle and Pedestrian Knockdown Cases
–- Automobile Accidents
–- Motorcycle Accidents
–- Railroad Accidents
–- Injuries To Children
–- Spine and Disc Injuries
–- Uninsured Motorist Claims
–- Under-insured Motorist Claims

Attorney Profile

Attorney Profile

Attorney James Wotal was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Mount Prospect, Illinois, graduating from Prospect High School.  He earned a BS in Accountancy from The University Of Illinois-Urbana in 1979, and received his Certified Public Accountant Certificate in 1980.  Mr. Wotal earned his law degree at The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, in 1984.  Currently, Mr. Wotal is a member of the Trusts and Estates Section of the Illinois State Bar Association, and he is a member of the Chicago Bar Association.


After graduating from The John Marshall Law School, Mr. Wotal worked for other law firms before starting his own practice in 1990.  Mr. Wotal concentrates his practice in the areas of estate planning, business law, income tax matters, real estate and personal injury law.  For more than thirty years, Mr. Wotal has provided legal services through out the northeast region of Illinois, including the greater Chicago land area.


Attorney James Wotal provides high quality legal services for today's price conscious clients, and provides the personalized attention necessary to establish and maintain effective attorney-client relationships and achieve positive outcomes for his clients.  Mr. Wotal is dedicated to providing all of his clients with a broad range of alternative solutions and strategies, allowing the client to make better informed decisions.



James Alex Wotal, Attorney

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